dEARdiary improves your life through machine learning. Answers your questions about the events you describe in your diary entries. The more you write, the more you and the machine will learn about yourself. Your entries, questions and answers will be archived locally on your phone and are not held on deardiary's server.

Using the BiDAF natural language processing system, it reads your diary and answers your personal questions in context. This system was trained to interpret your questions using the SQuAD dataset (2016). This dataset was developed by hiring "crowdworkers" - low-wage labour employed through Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Each crowdworker was given a paragraph from a Wikipedia article, for which they were to ask questions and provide the matching answers.

The resulting machine intelligence is more than half as likely as a human to answer your questions correctly.


Install this webapp on your iPhone. Press the button, and then Add to Homescreen.